Welcome to the website for the AIC Malooi Youth.

The story of the project began as a tree nursery for the Church going youth that would help them:

  • participate in developing the environment,
  • keep them occupied,
  • provide a meeting place for socializing
  • have an entry point to become opinion makers in the rural society. It would also be a response to the need to alleviate poverty around them.

The project, later  named ‘Malooi Youth Demonstration Farm'(MYDP) is dedicated for the development of the youth in the region. It is a project of the Africa Inland Church Kenya under the supervision of the AIC Malooi Local Church Council. It is headed by the Pastor in Charge as the director and the Youth Chairman as the Manager. The Local Church Council forms the project trustee board and the Christian Youth in Action (CYA) Committee forms the farm management committee.


The Demonstration farm was started in the year 2010 as an extension of a tree nursery that had been established at the AIC Malooi Church compound by the AIC Malooi Youth Group in 2006. A 3.05 acre piece of land was bought for the Church by partners who shared the vision of Pastor Kioko Mwangangi and the youth at the Church. The Church acknowledges the involvement of Donna ‘Mwende’ Shekleton, a legendary American lady in Malooi with a passion for the welfare of the African youth, for facilitating the awareness to the partners.

The young people got together and through a fund donated by Major General (RTD) Joseph Musomba fenced the land leaving paths for the neighbors to use. They also used the funds generated from the tree nursery to prepare initial terraces to conserve the soil in their new land. They planted fruit trees, forest trees, and some fodder crops. They also set up their first beehive.Avocafo farm First Terraces